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I’m cyberanthem, and this is my blog. I don’t get paid for what I write about here – it’s all my own opinions on the products that you see! Occasionally though, when they want someone to talk up their destination or a brand new product launch, they’ll give me something in return… but only if there isn’t anything else going around right now. And even then usually just some accommodation or gear from them as well (not money). But yes: always disclosed so people know why things are good sometimes rather than being unbiased like other blogs might do.”

I’m a blogger who loves to write about travel destinations, activities and products. Sometimes I work with tourism boards or brands for my honest opinion on their destination/product but this is always disclosed in the post as required by FTC regulations. As long-time traveler it’s important that you know what sites make money off of your clicks so here are some places where GetVojer does:

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